Barcade Jersey City

Barcade Jersey City is not your typical bar or arcade. It’s a unique fusion of both, offering patrons a nostalgic trip down memory lane with classic arcade games while also providing a vibrant social atmosphere to hang out with friends and enjoy craft drinks.

History of Barcade

Founded in 2004 in Brooklyn, New York, Barcade quickly gained popularity for its innovative concept. It aimed to blend the old-school charm of vintage arcade games with the contemporary allure of a trendy bar. The concept struck a chord with patrons, leading to the establishment of several locations across the United States.

Barcade Jersey City: A Unique Experience

Location and Ambiance

Nestled in the heart of Jersey City, Barcade offers a cozy yet vibrant setting for patrons to unwind and have fun. The retro-inspired decor, complete with neon lights and vintage arcade cabinets, transports visitors back to the golden age of gaming.

Game Selection

Barcade boasts an impressive collection of classic arcade games, ranging from iconic titles like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong to lesser-known gems from the ’80s and ’90s. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just looking to relive childhood memories, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Craft Beer and Cocktails

In addition to its extensive game selection, Barcade offers a diverse menu of craft beers and signature cocktails. From local brews to rare imports, beer enthusiasts will find plenty to savor, while cocktail aficionados can indulge in creative concoctions inspired by retro gaming themes.

Events and Specials

Barcade Jersey City regularly hosts events and specials to enhance the gaming experience. From themed nights and tournaments to happy hour deals, there’s always something exciting happening at Barcade.

Food Menu

To fuel your gaming adventures, Barcade offers a mouthwatering menu of pub-style fare and classic comfort food. From juicy burgers and crispy chicken wings to savory snacks and shareable appetizers, there’s no shortage of delicious options to satisfy your cravings.

Community and Social Atmosphere

Beyond its games and drinks, Barcade prides itself on fostering a sense of community among its patrons. Whether you’re competing for high scores or striking up conversations with fellow gamers, Barcade offers a welcoming environment where friendships are forged and memories are made.

COVID-19 Safety Measures

In light of the ongoing pandemic, Barcade has implemented stringent safety measures to ensure the well-being of its guests. These measures include enhanced cleaning protocols, social distancing guidelines, and mandatory mask policies.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it – hear what our customers have to say about their Barcade experience:

  • “Barcade Jersey City is the ultimate hangout spot for gamers and beer lovers alike. Great games, great drinks, and great vibes!”
  • “I love the retro ambiance of Barcade, and the game selection is top-notch. It’s always a blast to come here with friends.”

How to Get There

Barcade Jersey City is conveniently located at [insert address here]. Whether you’re driving or taking public transportation, getting to Barcade is easy and hassle-free.


In conclusion, Barcade Jersey City offers a one-of-a-kind experience that combines the nostalgia of classic arcade gaming with the modern amenities of a trendy bar. With its diverse game selection, craft drinks, and vibrant atmosphere, Barcade is the perfect destination for gamers and socialites alike.

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